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oh, hello

I'm Katie and, while I'm thankful for the technology that connects us, I wish we weren't separated by screens. If I don't already know your story, I'd like to. Until that day, I appreciate your letting me share mine with you. 

the blog

The Bible is true and living and sweet. The stories contained within it gloriously together make up the magnificent Story God wishes us to know.  I love that however long or much I read this text, it is deeper still. It cannot be outlasted or exhausted.  I can read a passage now and read it tomorrow and then ten years from now, and in all its unchanging beauty, new truths are pressed into my heart. I can read it daily in the harvest seasons of my soul or dust it off after dry spells and God is faithful to use it to speak. This Book is GOOD stuff, guys. Because its message is GOOD news!

I'm the type of person that likes to share the things I'm reading and learning and I process these things more fully through writing.  So I'm sharing on the blog the things God is teaching me through His Word and His Church, through my community, my circumstances, and my callings as wife and mother. 

I believe there is absolute Truth but I don't have a hold of every last bit of it, so I'm humbled that you're here. I hope you make yourself at home, though, and find some encouragement for your journey.

about my album This One's Yours

My parents recently cleaned out my old room and delivered a box of my childhood belongings to me. Said box contained my journal from middle school and I was amused to discover that my twelve-year-old self put hearts around the names of my crushes. What can I say? I’m a romantic at heart. Or something like that.

But when I wasn’t decorating my crushes’ names, I was dreaming of a particular boy, the one who would become the love of my life one day. And as I grew in age and anticipation, I wondered what fun it would be to fall in love with him.

Eventually that boy came along and inspired many of the songs on This One’s Yours - lighthearted, upbeat celebrations of the fun in falling. Then that romantic in me decided the entire album should be about love. And since love is more than just falling, I threw in a song about staying, a song about expecting, and a song about rescuing, for good measure.  

It was my honor to work with the talented Will Hunt (Bethany Dillon, Robbie Seay Band) and my special joy to record these songs with a bun in the oven. To my delight, the husband contributed musically to the album, too (he can whistle with the best of ‘em). 

These little ditties are my endearments. Declarations of new love, promises of lasting love, gratitude for a Love that saves.  

I hope they get your toes tapping!

Check out the music

I am a follower of One, wife of one, and mother of three little girls. I'm also a musician, worship leader, writer, and speaker from Dallas, Texas. When I'm not singing lullabies to the littles, I'm grateful for the chance to share my heart and music with you.