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Illuminate - Women's Retreat

I'm looking forward to spending the weekend focusing on how the Word of God is a light for our path. Jen Wilkin will be speaking and I'll be leading worship for the ladies' retreat of First Baptist Church in Grapevine, Texas. More info here.


Courageous Joy - Women's Retreat

I'm leading worship tonight and tomorrow in Linden, Texas at First Baptist Church's women's retreat, Courageous Joy. If you're able to make it safely through the ice storm, then join us!


Gracepoint Christmas Gathering

I'll be providing music for Gracepoint's annual Christmas Gathering on Thursday, December 4th. The Christmas Gathering is basically a few of my favorite things rolled into one fantastic evening: Jen Hatmaker + Christmas music + holiday ideas + food + seasonal merriment + Baby Jesus. Registration is open now, so get your tickets and join us!


Valentine's Concert

Join me for a Valentine's weekend concert! Whether married, single, young, old, in a group, or flying solo...all are welcome as I share the songs from This One's Yours and we celebrate love in its many seasons.  

The Fun in Falling 
Saturday, February 16th at 8pm
Hosted by Valley Ranch Baptist Church in Coppell, Texas.
$5 per person includes dessert and child care for kids 5 and under.
Tickets are available at the door... [more]


It's Here!

The long-awaited day has come.  That's right, This One's Yours is NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes and CD Baby!  So, what are you waiting for?  Get on over there and grab some music!


Notice a Change?

No, I'm not doing something different with my hair.  The website has a brand new look!  Just in time for the brand new EP releasing September 18th.  So take a look around and make yourself at home!


Hear Here!

You can go to the Music tab to sample the songs of This One's Yours over the next few weeks if you want to make sure you love them before you buy. Hey, you work hard for your money. It's the least I can do.


Juicy EP Details

The new EP now has a name and release date!  Mark your calendars because...

This One's Yours will be available September 18th!

Seriously...mark your calendars.


Treasuring These Things

In my latest journal entry, I explore the ways that Mary came to know her Christ Child.  Merry Christmas!


I Come Bearing Gifts

To celebrate the holiday season, I'm giving away FREE music!  From now until Christmas Day, you can download two songs from

RESCUE ME is a brand new song I wrote a couple of months ago.  Hot off the presses!

HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS was recorded last Christmas and offered exclusively to my email list.  If you didn't get it then, get it now!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


More Reviews

Well, June is off to a great start!  Christianity Today and CCM Magazine each posted a review of Gentle Whispers this morning!!!  I'm quite excited about this.  

Click HERE for Christianity Today's online review.

Click HERE for the review in the June digital issue of CCM Magazine. 

When you're finished reading the reviews, how 'bout you pass these links along to all of your friends?  That'd be neat.


Radio Play

Dallas area 90.9 KCBI will play my version of "There Is a Fountain" around 7:15am CST THIS Sunday! Tune in or listen online at!


Gentle Whispers Review

The talented Andrew Greer writes music reviews for CCM Magazine and Christianity Today and has recently posted a review of my album on his website HERE.  Check it out!  And then go check out Andrew's music at as he is an incredible singer/songwriter!  Thank you so much, Andrew!


Free for 40

You can get my album, Gentle Whispers, for FREE starting TODAY at 8:00 am CST!  For 40 hours, the music will be available as a free download on  Please spread the word by telling all your friends!  Offer ends at 11:59 pm CST tomorrow, Thursday, April 22nd.


God Provides

In the newest journal entry, I look at how, from manna to Jesus, God provides. 


God Redeems

I've been singing "Dayenu" for the last couple of days.  Do you know the song?  Check out my latest journal entry about the first Passover.



I've been thinking a lot about time lately.  If you are 26 or 86, I hope you find something that blesses you in the musings that comprise my latest journal entry.


Brand New E-card

We have launched a BRAND NEW E-CARD designed to introduce people to my music!  You can share this e-card with others, encouraging them to book me for their next event!  So, I invite you to use this cold, wintry weather as your excuse to cozy up with a warm blanket...and a computer, so you can send this e-card to everyone you know.  Much obliged! 


Pictures, Myspace, and More

Check it out!

Pictures from a few recent events have been posted to the Media tab!

We now have a Myspace page, so become a friend!  The link is also at the bottom of this page.

Aaaand you can now purchase Gentle Whispers through!  The link is also on the Purchase tab. 


Upcoming Events

Wanted to use some space here to let you know what I'll be up to this month.  Join us where you can!  

January 12th - Kingwood, Texas - Leading worship for Second Baptist Church North's women's event "The Sweet Life"

January 17th - Cypress, Texas - Guest worship leader for the Sunday morning services at The Foundry's Fry Road campus

January 19th-22nd - Sugar Land, Texas - Leading worship for Fort Bend Baptist Academy's Spiritual Emphasis Week

January... [more]


Broadcast Yourself

Thank you, YouTube, I think I'll do just that.  You can now click on the YouTube icon at the bottom of this page to view videos on my brand new YouTube channel.


Peace On Earth

In my newest journal entry, I take a look at the message proclaimed in Luke 2.  Merry Christmas to you and yours!  Our Peace has come!


Your Free Christmas Song Is Here

Click the link below and enter your password to begin the download.  Don't have a password?  No problem!  Send a message to to join the email list and get a password.  Enjoy!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


A song for your holiday playlist

Next week, I'll record a simple Christmas classic and send it to everyone on my email list as a little Christmas goodie.  Don't want to miss out on the free music?  Then email me at and indicate you'd like to be added to the list!  While you're at it, cast your vote for which Christmas tune you'd like to hear.  Voting closes on Monday, December 7th.


Gentle Whispers Now Available

The album released on November 1st (yay!) and today is November 2nd, soooo...have you bought your copy yet?  Click on "Purchase" for links to iTunes and CD Baby!


Journal Entry Numero Uno

The Journal page is no longer "Coming Soon" - Entry #1 has arrived.


On the road again

I'll be leading worship for the Second Baptist Cypress Women's Retreat on October 23rd and 24th. Can hardly wait for crazy PJs and slippers night!


Want to get involved?

If you're itching to help spread the word about my upcoming album, you can join my email list to receive news, updates, and ideas.  Just send your name and email address to 


Live Music, Anyone?

It's true! There will be a Gentle Whispers release concert and YOU are invited!

So, here's what you need to know: 

Sunday, November 1st at 6:00pm

Second Baptist - Woodway, C-Gym

6400 Woodway Drive - Houston, Texas

It's FREE!  Aaaand you should bring a friend!

I'd love to see you there!


Cinderella Retreat

I'm so excited to hang out with the youth group girls of First Baptist Church in West Memphis, Arkansas at their Cinderella Retreat in mid-September!


It's Almost Here!

Gentle Whispers releases on November 1st - just in time for the overachieving Christmas shopper in you!  Click on "Purchase" to find out how to get your copy!


I am a follower of One, wife of one, and mother of three little girls. I'm also a musician, worship leader, writer, and speaker from Dallas, Texas. When I'm not singing lullabies to the littles, I'm grateful for the chance to share my heart and music with you.