I am a mom of preschoolers. 

Three of them, to be exact. My body has spent the last 5+ years growing or feeding a baby. My hands have been changing diapers, brushing teeth, putting on shoes, slicing grapes, cleaning messes, and applying sunscreen. My feet have been walking kids into swim lessons, dance lessons, church camp, doctor appointments, play dates, and preschool. My mind has been consumed with sleep schedules, feeding schedules, proper social interaction, nutrition, developmental milestones, educational activities, use of technology, forms of discipline, safest products, best extracurriculars...all while either potty training or transitioning to new beds or weaning from pacifiers or nursing a child out of sickness.

(My sanity would like to take this moment to thank Amazon Prime, Walmart grocery pick-up, Chick-fil-A drive thru, and God Almighty, in no particular order, for preserving her life through these days.) 

My heart has been filled with joy as we read books, play “house,” build towers and forts and obstacle courses. As we dance and sing and talk…and talk…and talk. As they see the world with fresh eyes, learning new words and old truths. Sure, these days know their fair share of whining and interruptions and “Come quick! Sister’s in the potty!” (True story.) But, the days also know giggling and sweetness and THE.BEST.HUGS. 

Although this phase of parenthood has had micro seasons of change within it, no change has felt so great as what our family will experience this Thursday morning: 

My oldest starts kindergarten.

Even though I will still be a mom of preschoolers, I will never again be a mom of preschoolers only. And before I know it, I won’t have any preschoolers at all. This is the beginning of an end. They’ll eventually lose their lisps and every last bit of their cheek chub. How much longer will they climb up into my lap or hold my hand? Sooner than I’m ready, I will say goodbye forever to this season. 

As I prepare to do so I am finding that in the midst of this change, there is comfort in knowing that much will stay the same. My diaper-changing days are numbered (and I may actually be kind of ok with that). But my tears-wiping, hugs-giving, pep-talking days will last as long as I am a mom. 

The days of each season of motherhood can look very different but many of the delights of motherhood transcend the seasons: 

teaching them, 

learning with them, 

watching them try new things and take on new challenges, 

listening as they express themselves and their ideas, 

seeing them discover their passions and abilities, 

sharing stories with them,

sharing The Story with them,

praying for them, 

nurturing them

feeding them, 

encouraging them, 

laughing and playing with them, 

enjoying them, 

loving them. 

As long as we live, I will not have to say goodbye to these things. 

I will be thankful for that truth on Thursday morning as I leave my little baby, who is somehow already five, in the care of her precious teacher. Mother and Daughter will walk into the kindergarten classroom, closing the door on one season and entering a new one together - while holding hands, of course (because she’s still cool with that and I’m going to ride that wave as long as I can).