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Our Support Group

He is ten months sober. A few days ago, he sat across the table, across cups of coffee and talks of plans, ventures, dreams - all of which impossible only a year ago. In recounting his journey to this day and his steps into tomorrow, he expressed thankfulness for the community and friendships of those who gather at the support group Alcoholics Anonymous. Those who sit next to him there can celebrate his sobriety with... [more]


Sowing Life

Last week...

I sat at my local coffee shop reading with my just-turned-six-year-old who had completed kindergarten two days before. She looked out the window and exclaimed that the shop’s garden appeared greener than at our last visit, so we ventured outside and spent a few minutes examining together the tiny tomatoes which had formed but were not yet fully grown. 

A garden is a simple reminder that life is lived in cycles... [more]


When Jesus Looked At Peter

“And the Lord turned and looked at Peter.” Luke 22:61

I’m not sure there are many verses that pierce my heart more than this one does. Peter’s denial of Christ reminds me of my own faithlessness.

Peter was a disciple of Jesus, called on the shore of Galilee when Jesus promised the fisherman He would make him a fisher of men. “Follow me,” Jesus had said and Peter did. 

Peter... [more]


The Candle of Communion

“I tell you I will not drink again of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom.” ---Jesus, Matthew 26:29

This evening, many brothers and sisters of the Church will share communion. We will break the bread and take the cup in remembrance of Christ’s body and blood. It is one way we encourage one another... [more]


Psalm 16 at Thanksgiving

I come to the Thanksgiving table this year with Psalm 16 on my heart. Overwhelmed with gratefulness for the grace in my life, I name the gifts and praise the Giver with “thank you.”

Even so, David’s words remind me: 

“I say to the Lord, ‘You are my Lord.
I have no good apart from you.’”

All the good in the world is nothing without God. There is no gain in... [more]


Die Like Autumn

I was sitting on a hilltop swing, marveling at the beauty of the forest beside me. Being early November in Texas, the leaves had begun to turn into bold, fiery reds and yellows. The sun was casting its amber rays into the pond before me and a cool breeze rustled the blazing leaves overhead, making them dance and sing. As I witnessed their worship, I anticipated all this season brings. Along... [more]


Gifting Memories to Myself

Dear Future Self,

I don’t know you like you know me. I don’t know what has passed between us. I don’t know what occupies your time, your thoughts, your prayers. I don’t know what joys and pains you have experienced or how you’ve grown (how I hope you’ve grown!). I can imagine these things, but you have lived them. 

You have my future now. You have my someday life and, some days, I... [more]


The Delights of These Days

I am a mom of preschoolers. 

Three of them, to be exact. My body has spent the last 5+ years growing or feeding a baby. My hands have been changing diapers, brushing teeth, putting on shoes, slicing grapes, cleaning messes, and applying sunscreen. My feet have been walking kids into swim lessons, dance lessons, church camp, doctor appointments, play dates, and preschool. My mind has been consumed with sleep schedules, feeding schedules, proper social interaction, nutrition,... [more]


Be Merry

Be Merry. That's what our Christmas card says this year. I struggled with the phrase initially. I worried that it wouldn't read as a well-wish so much as a curt demand for cheer. But I believe in the sentiment and the gold, scripty letters didn't swirl in the way of any smiles so, in the end, I went with it.

In the past three weeks, a family member has lost her father, another her... [more]

Hope For Thorns & Thistles

We are a cursed people, a cursed creation. But it wasn't always so and it won't always be.

Far As the Curse Is Found

In the beginning, God created and it was good. He breathed life into man and set him to live in the Garden of Eden - Eden meaning "delight." The beautiful gift of the garden was that God delighted in his creation as his creation delighted in his presence.

But disobedience ushered in the ugly:... [more]


O Christmas Tree

It's that time of year. When your Facebook newsfeed is filled with pictures of fireplace mantles and Christmas trees. And some of you have serious skills. I mean, you've obviously been watching your HGTV and can tinsel up with the best of them. But, we have a 2.5 year old and 14 month old at our house this season…which means OUR Christmas tree looks SUPER special. And I don't want you to be jealous. I'd... [more]

Brought Near

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.  --Genesis 1:1-2

Open the beautiful, sacred text of the Bible, translated here from the original Hebrew, and within four English words - FOUR - we read of God's holiness. 

In the beginning, God…
In the nothing,... [more]

Mary's Birth Plan

I am a planner, researcher, analyzer, and overthinker.  For me, preparing for my baby meant spending hours reading car seat and stroller reviews online, polling my friends for registry tips, and creating a 7-page document for my family with maps to the hospital, important phone numbers, and nearby dining options.  So, naturally, creating a birth plan was right up my alley. For those unfamiliar, a birth plan is something... [more]


Treasuring These Things

I had two recurring dreams while growing up.  

In one: to my horror, a permanent tooth is loose and on the verge of divorcing my smile.  I'm one good tug away from a perennial gap-toothed grin.  In fact, this dream still occurs at times.  What can I say?  I care about dental hygiene.  

In the second: I learn I am "with child" and the discovery is much to my bewilderment, for I have never been... [more]


Part 2 - God Provides

As I described in the previous post, God's people were delivered from Egyptian bondage.  An entire nation brought out of slavery was headed to the Promised Land, a land God had prepared for them.  However, their journey brought them through the desert where they became hungry and thirsty, without food or water.  The Israelites began grumbling and complaining, even wishing to return to their slavery in Egypt.  The book of Exodus, chapter 16, then recounts... [more]


Part 1 - God Redeems

I am currently studying Exodus, the book of the Bible that recounts how God liberated the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.  In chapter six, God calls Moses to deliver this message to the Israelites: "I am the Lord, and I will bring you out from under the yoke of Egyptians.  I will free you from being slaves to them, and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with mighty acts of judgement.  I... [more]



All my life, I've been growing up.  I was learning to ride a bike, enduring braces, going to prom, graduating from high school, finishing college, finding a job, buying a car.  Then, after a couple of years of supporting myself followed by two years of marriage under my belt, it hit me:  I'm a bona fide adult.

I'm 26.  But I promise I'm not about to share a quarter-life crisis with you.  Let's, instead, call it... [more]


Peace on Earth

We see it on Christmas cards.  We hear it in song.  Despite mankind's cultural differences or religious preferences, it seems this time of year most everyone can agree to promote the special message of "peace on earth, good will to men" - of Christmastime as a reminder to be considerate of the neighbor, to take care of the needy, to find common ground, to seek peace.  And that, indeed, is a SPECIAL message!

However, when the... [more]


To Know Him

As we were wrapping up production of Gentle Whispers, I was reading How Shall We Then Live by Francis Shaeffer.  In the book, Shaeffer analyzes how society has changed over time.  By looking at the art, literature, science, and philosophy produced by man from Ancient Rome to modern day, he explains the evolution that took place in the prominent cultural worldview.  It is a fascinating read that I definitely recommend! 

One particular paragraph really struck me: 

"It... [more]


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